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OUR Campaign for Congress

Politicians are known for dictating to us what we can and cannot do. Patriots fought a Revolutionary War for that reason!


Friends, that’s not me. I will never forget the fact that this is a nation of “We the People” This is not MY campaign, this is OUR campaign. Together, we can do great things for our country and our community.  


Our campaign is about Freedom, Prosperity, and Opportunity. It’s what makes America the greatest country on earth.



I want to share with you my core principles: God, Country, and Community; in that order. These are the principles that will guide me as I represent you in Congress. 


By faith in God will always come first and my representation of our district will be guided through the prism of a Christian heart. Our founding fathers, in creating America, knew that faith and Judeo-Christian values were the cornerstone of its creation.  Public schools were actually created to teach the bible…something that is lost to those in the ideological left today. We must restore our country back to the “Republic for which it stands, One Nation Under God." When elected, I promise there will be a bible on my desk in Congress to guide me every day I am there.


Let's Make America Pray Again! Why can’t we start every school day the same way we do in Congress at the beginning of every session by having a word of prayer.  


I promise to be THE unapologetic conservative who puts Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro-Freedom, and Pro-America first as the Representative for CD3.



I will always  put families first. Our families need protection and an advocate in Washington. Our children need to be protected from the woke ideological left who are both pushing a radical agenda and ignoring harmful attacks on them like human sex trafficking. 


I am honored to have the support an endorsement of Matt Osborne, who is leading the fight against human sex trafficking by their abduction of children, who are introduced to this horrible underground and dark world. As our representative, I will introduce the STOP Act: Stop Trafficking Opportunities and Prosecute my first week in Congress. Matt and I will use a national platform to address this dire situation.


Additionally, parents shouldn’t have to wonder if their children are going to come home indoctrinated instead educated. The sexualization and exploitation of our children must stop. It requires parental approval for an aspirin, on-biological gender identification or altering mutilation surgeries shouldn’t come as a surprise to a parent either. Parents should be a part of the curriculum discussion so that biology, intelligent design are taught in public schools. If not, parents should be able to take their tax dollars and transfer it to the school of their choice.



Life, in and outside of the womb, is precious to me. As someone who was adopted, I am thankful my biological parents made the decision to choose life. It goes beyond that though as I’ve made my entire career has been about saving lives. After becoming an EMT, I decided to further my medical career by becoming a Physician’s Assistant. I graduated first in my class from the Cornell University program and would later spend part of my career working at New York Hospital at Queens. It has always been my desire to help save lives.


Then the events of 9/11 unfolded. After completing my overnight ER shift that morning, like everyone I heard about the horrific events that happened when terrorists attacked America. I rushed back to the hospital to prepare for survivors. We fully anticipated they would  arrive to the ER but sadly none did. The following morning, I made my way to Ground Zero and began working hand-in-hand with my brothers in arms by digging through the rubble In hopes we would find survivors.  That day, September 12th, became the most challenging day of my life. 


Saving lives and fighting for the unborn are both in my DNA as a Christian. I will fight tirelessly against abortion. Scripture tells us in Psalm 139:13 that God ordained our creation within our mother’s womb, and it’s recognized that we are wonderfully made in his image.  


With a platform as a member of Congress, I will introduce the PSALM Act ‘Protecting the Sanctity of All Life Month’ where we recognize the 30 days prior to Mother’s Day as 30 days for Life. Federally recognizing that giving birth - not killing the child within the womb - makes you a mother. I will work with the Pro-Life community in all 50 states to help enact similar legislation on the state level as well.


Texas became my home when I was recruited here too to manage Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners for a large community safety net hospital here in North Texas. Today, I oversee a $45M budget and lead 70+ departments as a licensed Physicians Assistant and  Healthcare Executive. It’s a blessing to continue to see that care for the community is put front and center. For me, pro-life isn’t a campaign talking point, it’s been my life’s work.



America was created by men and women who believed in the principles of religious freedom versus suppression, liberty versus tyranny, and the ability to be self-governed versus government constraints. I believe that freedom is being opposed to those constraints and the bigger the government - the bigger the constraints on our Freedom. 


Washington has lost track of that and it’s time to bring those principles back ti the forefront in America. Doing so means securing our southern border, instituting a foreign policy that restores respect for Israel and protects it against those who wish to wipe it off the face of the planet and understanding government spending should address the needs of American citizens first before sending it off to foreign countries. 


We should concentrate on the southern border before the Ukrainian border and making sure homeless Americans, especially our veterans, who are homeless and sleeping on the streets come first before sending millions of dollars in foreign aid around the world. 


We were promised on 9/22 that we would never forget what happened the day before. 


But apparently Joe Biden did when he gave the same Islamic terrorists, who were trained and given safe harbor in Afghanistan before 9/12, millions of dollars' worth of military equipment and left Americans behind while allowing 13 brave soldiers to die.


As someone who saw firsthand the results of what those terrorists did twenty years ago, I am appalled. Joe Biden had made America weak again. We cannot let the America Last ideology to continue to have influence over our foreign policy.



Ronald Reagan put it in bold colors when he said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”


Our founding fathers knew government doesn’t give us our liberties, they come from God. There is a reason why the right to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment because it protects the First Amendment that gives us the rights of religious freedom and free speech. Our founders also knew that a free press was a way to protect our liberties as a constraint on too much government control. It was to call balls and strikes instead of being on the playing field for the other team.  today, sadly, they are simply part of the democratic party machine working with big tech to constrain our right to free speech. Dictators during and after World War II knew that removing citizens’ rights to own firearms was the first step to take away their liberties. Marxism/socialism is an ideology based on atheism and that follow that ideology despise the fact that Americans rights are alienable rights. They come from God for whom they neither recognize nor respect.


As President Reagan said, Freedom must be fought for.  My father is a Korea Veteran, and my uncle was a sniper in the Marine Corps during Vietnam, so I understand the sacrifice that is required of those who serve in the military.


This is why I am honored to have earned the endorsement of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Michael E. Thornton, who shed his own blood fighting the Communist in Vietnam. He knows firsthand what their desire was and what fighting for freedom means. Today, the roots of communism and socialism are taking route in America. We are falsely told by people like Bernie Sanders in Alexandria Ocasio Cortez so say there is such a thing as Democratic Socialism. Tell that to the families of the brave veterans whose names are etched on the walks of the Vietnam veterans Memorial. They did not sacrifice their lives for Democratic Socialism.


This leftist ideology led to our rights being taken away from us during the pandemic. The right to worship, the right to choose, the right to choose to wear a mask or not, and even the right to choose our own medical decisions based on tried-and-true uses of long-standing medicines that are based on science or to be forced to take a vaccine that we would later learn did nothing to stop the spread of the virus.


Those brave enough to fight for their rights, ostracized at the time, were eventually proven that they were not conspiracy theorists but were right all along. 



In closing, will you help me help you? I need you on my team as a member of the Porro platoon. My pledge to you is that I will always value your opinion.  


My T.A.L.K. Plan consists of Town-Halls to gather the community together, Advise the community of what’s taking place in Washington. Listen to the everyone in order to get feedback about what is important to them, and Keep the community engaged by attending club and community meetings/events throughout my term in Congress. When elected, as the incumbent, I will always be able to explain how I plan to vote and why I voted the way I did. I will never be a Representative in name only. 


I will also remember every dollar Congress spends is one less dollar from your family budget.  democrat efforts to delegitimize legitimate Congressional investigations into the known corrupt practices by the Biden family, out-of-control federal spending, and the mismanagement of federal agencies weaponizing government or failing to follow the law must stop.


Simply put, I will never forget the reason why you chose to cast your vote for me and I promise to a heart hard on your behalf. This is OUR campaign and can achieve great together.



John Porro

The RIGHT Choice for CD3

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