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Compare and Contrast

"Say what you'll do and do what you say..."


Dear Voter, 


Hello, my name is John Porro & my first rule of thumb I will never forget is to keep the promises I make to you while I campaign to get elected. What I say on on the campaign trail is what I intend to do in D.C.


This email is designed to compare myself versus my opponents on specific issues in this race.


John Porro vs. Keith Self

Two years ago, Keith Self made several campaign promises he has never kept & hides his record from voters because he never expected to win. The accidental Congressman only "won" because of the scandal involving Van Taylor which lead to Van's withdrawal. He earned just 27% of your votes in the primary.


On January 6:


In interviews before the 2022 primary election, Keith Self made it abundantly clear that he was running because of Van Taylor's J6 vote to create the independent J6 commission. Speaking to the Texas Tribune, Self said Taylor’s vote for the commission “is a huge issue...It is the red line for many people in their vote against Van Taylor.” On Self's website, he claimed that Taylor "went Washington." He told KERA public radio, “Some people are saying I don’t dare go and petition my government, which is a First Amendment right, because they might show up with SWAT vehicles, kick down my door, handcuff me in front of my family and take me off to jail."


Now Self is MIA. This was an issue then but since the election, he has never visited one prisoner, never called one prisoner's family, never made public comments, has not fought for their release, has not written to the Justice Department asking for their release, or asked Joe Biden to pardon them. Nothing. Not even a selfie in front of where they are being held.


Keith Self is now running away from why he ran in 2022 when he objected to his predecessors vote to create the J6 independent commission. When asked about this in a Hunt County forum, he stayed silent. That's right silent -  just like he's stayed silent about J6 for his whole term.


Up for re-election but he has forgotten this very important issue. Why?


By contrast, I am endorsed by David Sumrall who is a J6 documentarian filmmaker who has spoken with family members of those currently incarcerated in Russian gulag style prison cells.  He knows that Keith Self has done nothing to help them and knows that I will.


On his history with Ken & Angela Paxton:


Keith Self has never supported Ken Paxton or Angela Paxton when they ran for public office & led the fight to pay the prosecutors trying to take Ken down. 


Yes, that's right. 


Self's political ally, disgraced former District Judge Chris Oldner, created a criminal case by improperly empaneling a grand jury despite the State of Texas oversight board deciding not to pursue charges.


In January 2016, as Collin County Judge, Keith Self was the third vote in a 3-2 decision to improperly pay legal fees to the special prosecutor's going after Ken Paxton. His rationale was that "he had to" which was later rejected by the Texas 5th Court of Criminal Appeals. He later voted to pay an additional $82K despite the outcry of conservative leaders in Collin County. Why?


In 2018, when every other member of the Collin County Commissioners Court endorsed, Angela Paxton in the general election, Keith Self refused. His name was missing from the list of endorsements on her website. When Collin County was fighting to keep the this Senate seat, Republican, Keith Self would not lend a hand. Why?


And lastly, before the impeachment trial in the Texas Senate, Keith Self took both his social media and with an official release saying the Texas House followed the rules in the impeachment of Ken Paxton. A friend doesn't say that.


One only has to look to the impassioned speech from Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and you know the rules were not followed. So why did Keith say this? I believe that it was an attempt to remove the most conservative AG of my lifetime from office despite the will of his constituents.

Keith Self put a petty political vendetta ahead of his constituents, our state, and our country. That is unacceptable. Sixty seven percent of GOP voters support Ken and Angela Paxton. They need to know that Keith Self simply does not. 




On his lack of support for law enforcement:


As County Judge, Keith supported and voted for changes to the pay structure of Constables that 

lowered their pay. 


He wrongfully devalued the hard and dangerous work of the Constables by saying they weren't equivalent to Sheriff deputies. Obviously, Keith Self has not been out to serve civil court papers which can turn deadly at a moments notice.


This is just one of the reasons why I have been endorsed by retired Texas Police Commissioner Rob Kyker, who has worked most of his adult life on behalf of the men and women who wear the blue. "What Keith Self did was a slap in the face to those who serve our community. I cannot support a man who cannot support law enforcement."


On his lack bills authored in Congress.


According to the House Clerk's records, Keith Self has co-authored bills or co-sponsored more legislation with liberals Jasmine Crockett & Collin Alred than Jim Jordan or Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Yes, you read that right.  In his score, he has not made CD3 leadership stronger or more conservative. As you can see, he is in the bottom 20th percentile for leadership index and the bottom 20th percentile for conservatism - just like Van Taylor!

When I get to Congress, I will not author bills that help a select group of donors, but instead concentrate on bills that help our community. Bills to help stop human sex trafficking, preventing the government from requiring us to get a vaccine or wear a mask, protecting our school children inside public schools, and recognizing the sanctity of all life prior to Mother's Day.

John Porro vs. Suzanne Harp

The TRUE America First alternative to Keith Self!


Suzanne Harp has been running for four years as the America First candidate. Shortly after entering this race, I earned the endorsement of the America First P.A.C.T. because they recognized I was the candidate with America First principals that could actually defeat Keith Self. 


In addition, two other key former Trump advisers have endorsed my campaign.


Michael E Thornton (U. S. Navy SEAL & Congressional Medal of Honor recipient) was a key supporter of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and is my advisor on national security and military affairs.


Keenan Williams was the State Director for the Trump campaign and also has come on board as a key campaign endorser and advisor.


Both had a choice and they chose John Porro as the true America First candidate.


Résumé vs. Résumé:


There are no jobs in our society that are more important than others but some give you the necessary experience to be successful in Congress and others simply do not. Suzanne has been a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, a stay at home mom who homeschooled her children, and is now in a very narrow field of the finance world - mergers and acquisitions. A very technical job but not one that gives you a skill set for Congress.


By contrast, I have 7 years as a classroom teacher at classroom teacher at Msgr. McClancy Catholic High School (NY), 23 years as a physician assistant, 7 years as a volunteer paramedic and Captain Rescue Squad, and 10 years as a healthcare executive. I have an MBA and Master's in Healthcare Administration.


My experience allows me to be the only candidate truly qualified to speak about the dangers of the woke indoctrination happening inside our public schools.


No candidate knows better the dangers of government overreach by forcing both mask and vaccine mandates. I will always fight against the intrusion of government into healthcare.

Experience matters and Suzanne Harp's résumé has very little of it.


On January 6:


Like Keith Self, Suzanne Harp ran on the Van Taylor J6  independent committee vote. Just like Keith Self, Suzanne Harp has done a little or nothing to work on this issue since losing the past election. Suzanne has had two years to cultivate and build relationships with J6 freedom fighters but has failed to do so. I have through my outreach and attending a Hunt County GOP club meeting on the topic of J6. The talk was led by David Sumrall, a J6 video documentarian. Mr. Sumrall has now endorsed my campaign. Suzanne Harp was absent from the event.


In a 2022 Texas Tribune article, when the J6 issue was brought up, Mrs. Harp was quoted as saying, "What hits us all at the end of the day is that we really care about due process. It’s not really a Democratic or Republican thing.”


Did she seek out a national platform to help assist J6 defendants? No. It seems Suzanne Harp also used their plight as a prop in an attempt to get elected.


All hat and no cattle as they say.


On talking vs. doing:


While I respect Suzanne Harp for discussing issues others care about she has done little, if anything, to cultivate the relationships to start solving them.


By contrast, I've already built relationships that will ensure I am ready on day one to be a strong member of Congress. In my email regarding the issues I will be tackling and the bills I will author as a member of Congress, it is clear that I have a better grasp on what is required to get the job done. 


Rhetoric is not enough, you have to have a plan ready to execute the minute you're sworn in.


In closing, this is a job interview, and I believe that, between Keith Self and Suzanne Harp, my life experiences and background make me the most uniquely qualified candidate to serve Congressional District 3 and make it truly conservative again.

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