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"but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 15:57




 it's official - I'm a candidate for Texas' Congressional District 3.


Our Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro-America, Pro-Freedom message is resonating throughout the district. The momentum is clearly on our side as polls show they want someone who will deliver real conservatism to the district. Someone who will supports our fantastic state, senator Angela, Paxton, and Texas' most conservative Attorney General ever Ken Paxton.


And someone who has supported President Donald J Trump for the last year to be our next president. 


My background as a former teacher, first responder, and a current healthcare executive, brings the broadest range of experience of any candidate runnjng for Congressional District 3.


As I talk with voters rom Wolfe City to Royse City, Frisco to Farmersville, or McKinney to Commerce...voters tell me they are looking for someone who will keep their word and truly be Conservative. They are not looking for a career politician, they're looking for a career public servant.  They aren't satisfied with the broken promises and failure to back conservative leaders.


I hope to change that and earn your vote on March 5th.


John Porro


Texas 3rd Congressional District

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