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I Need Your Vote

I need your vote!



Dear voter,


Tuesday is the first day you get to vote in the March 5th Republican primary & I want to earn your vote!


Why John Porro?


The job of being a Congressman requires a background of not simply having one skill set but bringing a diverse résumé. We are all are tired of career politicians, focusing on themselves. 


I will be the fighter we need because I've been there when split second life saving decisions needed to be made. I've been in the classroom, so I understand how woke indoctrination needs to be permanently removed from our educational systems. No other candidate can talk about fighting against mask and vaccine mandates like I can't because I am currently a healthcare executive.


As a member of Congress, I will actually author bills that benefit not only our community, but our country. Unlike my opponents, I won't need a two year orientation period because I will start working for you on day one.




Yes, I am already working on the behalf of my community in multiple ways. First, I am currently working with Matt Osborne, whose organization Operation Underground Railroad was depicted in last summer's  blockbuster film Sound of Feedom exposing human trafficking, to develop the Stop Trafficking & Organize Prosecution (STOP) Act to better organize & coordinate with federal, state, and local law enforcement so that we can end the horrible practice of child exploitation and human trafficking. I am only candidate doing something right now.


Another issue I am working on is to bring light is the plight of the J6 prisoners. They were used as an election prop two years ago by the incumbent but they have not had one single visit from our Congressman. This is why I've been endorsed by J6 film documentarian & freedom fighter David Sumrall who is a leader in fighting for their freedom through


In my next email, I will outline the bills that I will author in my first term as a member of Congress. I will be prepared to hit the ground running to help our community.


I will also compare and contrast my candidacy to those who are also running for this office. At the end of the day, this is a job interview, and I feel that it's important to point out the differences that we have in our abilities to do the job and the promises we make.


My résumé:



-Eagle Scout.

-MBA/Master's in Healthcare Administration UT@Dallas.

-First Responder - Paramedic and Captain of a volunteer rescue squad.

-President of a national Christian organization - Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants (FCPA).

-Former Board of Directors of the Brooklyn/Queens Archdiocese School system as President of Most Holy Redeemer Elementary School.

-Former Board of Directors of Texas Association of Physician Assistants (TAPA) as Treasurer.



Job Experience:

-Educator - Science and Math teacher at Msgr. McClancy Catholic High School (NY).

-Physician Assistant (PA) since 2000.

-Healthcare Executive since 2014 - I  have 370 employees, 19 leaders,  and oversee a budget of over  $45 million dollars for one of the largest hospital systems in DFW. 


Life Experience:


-I'm adopted, so I am acutely aware of the importance of being  pro-life.

-Senior Warden of my church.


Organization endorsements:

Personally endorsed by:



CEO - Operation Underground Railroad & former Central Intelligence Agency officer/U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Officer & leader in the fight to combat human sex trafficking.

“America is facing a crisis known as Human Sex Trafficking and the abduction of children worldwide into this horrific industry."

“As someone who is on the front lines, I have witnessed first hand the path of destruction it leaves behind. When I met John Porro, I knew he too had a servant’s heart and the willingness to defeat this global epidemic. That is why I personally endorse him as the next member of congress for Texas Congressional District 3."

“It’s going to take someone who understands this from a medical background, the below the surface damage Human Sex Trafficking does to its victims, which is why I support John. He is dedicated to strengthening the laws & securing funds to local law enforcement to not only put a dent in this problem but to eradicate it once and for all."


“CD3 will have no better friend on Capitol Hill than John Porro, someone all of us in law-enforcement, can rely on to help us in this fight.”



2016 Senior Advisor to Donald Trump for President, U. S. Navy (ret.) SEAL and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. 


“It is my privilege to fully endorse John Porro to represent Texas’ 3rd District in Congress. As a Navy SEAL who saw combat in Vietnam, I understand what it takes to lead and John Porro has the leadership skills necessary to be successful in Congress."


“John is a strong advocate for the brave men and women who serve and have served out great nation and will fight for them in Washington. He is committed to putting America First."


Commissioner (Retired) Texas Commission on Law Enforcement .


“As someone who has been around law enforcement for decades, it is my honor to endorse John Porro for Congress."


“Service requires sacrifice and John’s background as a first responder at Ground Zero and as a Physician Assistant has demonstrated his commitment to saving lives throughout his career."


"As an Eagle Scout, I understand the dedication and perseverance it takes to achieve that rank in scouting. I’m proud to say that John accomplished that as well. It proves the type of leader he is and the leadership he will bring to Congressional District 3."



Commissioner (retired) Texas Commission on Fire Protection and former Mayor Pro-tem, Frisco, Texas.


“John has earned my endorsement to represent Frisco and all of CD3 as our Congressman.  I was honored to serve Texas as an advocate for the brave men and women who served as firefighters in our great state. John Porro’s service at Ground Zero proved to  me his dedication to service."


"I have been blessed to be around those that rush in the buildings to save lives, to extinguish the flames, and calm those affected by a tragic moment in their lives, and John Porro is the kind of man that did that same job for his community. Now his service will be as our next Congressman,” 


"That, along with his executive experience, were vitally important during the Pandemic. I witnessed first hand John’s calm demeanor, his caring and compassion for his fellow man, putting into practice those steady leadership slills he learned through scouting."


"I fully endorse John Porro for Congress, he is the kind of leader we need in Congress representing District 3."



Former Texas Regional Campaign Director, President Donald J. Trump Campaign.


Christian, Carpenter, J6 Warrior, Citizen Journalist, Documentary Film Maker, and Founder of



Former Mayor of Celina, Texas.


Former Mayor of Celina, Texas.



Former Mayor Pro-tem and Economic Development Corporation Board Member, Celina, Texas.



The Right Reverend Terry Lowe,

Bishop of the Diocese of New Orleans

(territory includes AL, MS, LA, OK, AR, & TX).

"John is the type of Christian leader that America is in desperate need of."


Former NBA Head Coach & National Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee, 2022.



Former U.S. Marine, Firefighter, State and Federal Law Enforcement Officer and owner of an Elite Protection Company.


Collin County Precinct Chair #200, Preacher, Conservative Patriot and Warrior.


Grassroots Conservative Activist.



Future Collin County Precinct Chair of Precinct 148.



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