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Issue #2 | Stopping Human Trafficking

As I embarked on this campaign, one of my highest priorities, was to address the issue of human trafficking.  During my visit to the Dallas Jewish Conservatives, I had the opportunity to meet Matt Osborne. Matt is a former CIA agent and current CEO of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). We discussed the horrors of human trafficking - especially young children as sex slaves - and how little is being done to stop it. 


I listened intently as he went over how the North Texas area is a prime trafficking destination and I was shocked. I could not believe what I was hearing that night.


Afterwards, I had an opportunity to visit again with Matt, and, as a result of our discussion was honored to hear he would be endorsing my campaign for Congress.


“It’s going to take someone who understands this from a medical background, the below the surface damage Human Sex Trafficking does to its victims, which is why I support John. He is dedicated to strengthening the laws & securing funds for local law enforcement to not only put a dent in this problem but to eradicate it once and for all.” Matt Osborne told my campaign. It was such honor to hear of his endorsement. 


It was humbling when Mat told me, “Congressional District 3 can have no better friend on Capitol Hill than yourself; someone all of us in law-enforcement can rely on to help us in this fight.”


It's a fight worth winning, which is why I will put forth and sponsor the Stop Trafficking & Optimize Prosecution (STOP) Act with Matt's help. 


As a member of Congress, I will rely on subject matter experts to help me make a difference not only for CD3, but for the everybody in America. That is why this is not my campaign but OUR campaign.


I look forward to sharing with you, other pieces of legislation, that I will put forth to strengthen our country and give a voice to the voiceless.


John Porro


Texas 3rd Congressional District

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