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Issue #3 | Keith Self Lies

A picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps it should be 1000 apologies...

During Monday night's Heritage Ranch CD3 ccongressional debate we were asked about the subject of Ukraine. When Keith Self was challenged by another candidate on why he went to Ukraine to open up our checkbook for Volodymyr Zelensky and told him that in Texas, we say, "Come and Take It," Mr. Self vehemently denied this. 


When I spoke directly after Keith, I couldn't let that lie stand. Why? Because I had seen that picture with my own eyes. So, I looked him straight in the eye and I said "I'm sorry Keith she's right. I have seen the video she's referring to and the evidence with my own eyes. You did say that."


See, I cannot tolerate career politicians who lie to voters like Keith did in Fairview Monday night. I stood up for you as I will  always do.


Friends, "Come and Take It" wasn't an offhand comment said on the fly. It was scripted.  Keith Self had to have planned that photo op because you don't buy "Come and Take It" signs in the Kyiv airport gift shop - he brought them with him.


In fact, according to KTVT-CBS 11, Keith Self "shared the picture" with them. How brazen is that? 


I defended the other candidate because she was truthful and Keith was lying by making an unwarranted attack against a woman. As I said earlier, I told the audience 'No Keith, it's YOU who are lying' because friends as you can see for yourself, it WAS Keith Self who lied.


I wonder, has he ever met a lie he ISN'T willing to tell you? 


Unfortunately,  this has become a broken record and a pattern with Keith. An all too common  characteristic of a career politician - deception. 


Keith said that he would bring strong leadership to our district and he'd be more conservative than Van Taylor...well, that was a lie too. 


I thought that was going to be the pinnacle of the lies he'd be willing to tell...apparently not. So here is my open letter to Mr. Self:


Dear Keith, 


If you are voting for this Ukraine spending spree in lock step with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell then you should pause and reevaluate your position. In fact, maybe it's time that you reevaluated your campaign. You are consistently taking positions that are not inline with the beliefs of the voters in CD03. At least not the ones in the Republican party. You are already defying 67% of the district by refusing to support Ken and Angela Paxton.


Those billions you voted to send overseas could have helped Americans first. Americans such as our homeless veterans fighting to stay alive after serving our country, help East Palestine Ohio in their cleanup, or helping to rebuild Maui. It could have helped to start to tackle our suffocating national debt as well. You did none of these things. Period.


Instead you voted to send it to a corrupt foreign dictator in bed with the military industrial complex led by the Liz Cheney establishment wing that is hell-bent on forever wars without any government oversight  whatsoever. Something both Donald Trump and myself are against. No wonder it took you nearly a year to finally endorse President Trump!


So, Keith, since you are willing to lie about this - what else are you willing to lie about?


That's a question only you can answer. The voters want to know!


As we get closer to March 5th, the veneer is coming off Keith Self.  Now we know why nearly 3 out 4 voters in CD3 two years ago said "No thanks Keith!'


There will be even more saying no this time around (as polls are showing) because this district wants a true honest conservative leader and that simply isn't Keith Self.


For more on Keith Self's record, go to



From CBS News Texas "[we] received a photo of [Keith Self] meeting Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. "We got a great conversation with him about his priorities going forward,"said Keith.  

John Porro


Texas 3rd Congressional District

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