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One Week Away



We are ONE WEEK away from going to the polls! 


This election is about the future of CD 3 and the stewardship of our community. 



Before I begin, I am asking everyone for three things: 


ONE: To cast your vote FOR JOHN PORRO during EARLY VOTING that starts Tuesday February 20th, 


TWO: Reply back and allow me to add your name to our Porro Platoon of supporters, and 


THREE: Make a $33 to $3,300 donation to help us with our GOTV campaign. Donate here:


I am running hard to win this election on March 5th. Your vote and support should get us over 50%+1.


Many people believe, with so many candidates in this race, that a runoff is a foregone conclusion. Believe me, I am working diligently to get the required 50%+1 on Election Day, so we can begin fighting the Democrats. 


However, if that were to not happen, and someone other than myself were to make it past March 5th - l will support any of them against Keith Self. 


I strongly believe that Keith Self is not the right steward for our community.


I strongly believe that I am & would like to earn your vote!





From the forums that have been held, it's clear to me that he's simply not the leader we hoped for and deserve. In fact, when Keith called Suzanne (at the Heritage Ranch debate) a liar by claiming her allegation against him were untrue, I stepped up and defended her by saying "No, Keith - Suzanne is right. I saw the same thing she did." 

Please go to my websiteWeWantJohn.comand look at the FAQ page and you will see our Congressman holding a placard with the Gonzales Flag standing next to dictator President Zelensky. Leadership is standing behind your actions or explaining them - not denying them.


Most of us running believe similarly on a lot of issues. However, you are going to make your decision based on our differences.



Here are our differences:


•I support Ken & Angela Paxton fully and unequivocally - Keith Self has never supported either one of them!


• Suzanne and I both want to help the J6 political prisoners. The difference is I am already doing that and I am endorsed by J6 freedom fighter David Sumrall.  

Keith Self said he would help J6 political prisoners when he campaigned on the fact that Van Taylor voted to empower the J6 Committee, however, he promptly forgot about them once he got into office. After using the J6 political prisoners to get your vote  – not one phone call to a family,  not one visit to a prisoner, not even one tweet. I asked Keith directly about this at the Hunt County forum. He had 30 seconds to respond. He chose to stay silent.


•We all agree we need to secure the border, however, I am the only one advocating opening immigration law by saying that if you ever come into our country illegally then you can never be a citizen. Once the Democrats cannot turn them into voters, they will be quite willing to negotiate about the border.


• Human trafficking and child exploitation needs to end. Keith Self has done little, if anything, to address this. However, I have the endorsement of Matt Osborne, CEO of Operation Underground Railroad (whose organization the film Sound of Freedom was based on). Matt is a leader in this area and I am working with him right now to address this issue when I get to Congress. I will author the Stop Trafficking and Organize Prosecution (STOP) Act to help battle this. 


•We all agree on putting forth an American First agenda but only I have earned the endorsement of the America First P.A.C.T. and two Senior Advisors to President Trump because

Keith Self has NOT shown the leadership he promised CD 3 voters. 



So, you see, we agree on a lot of issues but I am better qualified than any of the other candidates running against Keith because I have built the relationships necessary, with conservative leaders, so that I am ready to go on day one.


I believe my résumé in this job interview is the strongest of any candidate otherwise I would not have filed to run.


I respect Suzanne Harp for stepping up and running, however, I disagree with aspects of her campaign and lack of experience necessary to do the job. 


As such, again, I am asking you for three things; 


ONE: To cast your vote FOR JOHN PORRO during EARLY VOTING that starts Tuesday February 20th, 


TWO: Reply back and allow me to add your name to our Porro Platoon of supporters, and 


THREE: Make a $33 to $3,300 donation to help us with our GOTV campaign. Donate here:


The polls show Keith Self has NOT greatly improved on his 2022 numbers when over 73% said "NO KEITH." His broken promises and lack of a conservative voting record has NOT earned him support but instead he has burned bridges with conservatives these last two years. 


I look forward to answering any of your questions, and sharing where I stand on any issue.


I hope to earn your vote!


John Porro 

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