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Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro-America, Pro-Freedom Agenda

Dear voters,


Should I be successful and earn the votes necessary to win, I will hit the ground running  and author bills matching my Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro-America, Pro-Freedom agenda. 



•Author the STOP Act: Stop Trafficking Opportunities & Prosecute to end human trafficking across our border. I will work with Matt Osborne to put forth this legislation using his expertise.

•Pro-Life: PSALM Act: Protecting the Sanctity of Life Month to designate May as the month recognizing Mother’s Day in greater terms, because you can’t be a mother if you abort the child. I will work with faith leaders in Congressional District 3 to get this implemented.

•Pro-America: MAUI Act: Must Assist Us Instead to ensure foreign aid dollars are never prioritized before helping Americans in need. We have natural disasters like the Maui fire but also internal disasters like the East Palestine spill and veterans being homeless, living on the streets. Funds need to go to Americans first. I will work Congressional Medal of Honor recipient  & endorser Michael E. Thornton and our VFW halls to generate support and encourage the proper funding of our veterans.


PROTECT Act: Protecting Resources & Opportunities to Educate Children Today so that we re-introduce prayer in schools like we do in Congress and  encourage parents to play a pivotal role in the education of their children. No curriculum should be formed without local consent of parents. I will conduct parent Town Hall meetings in the district to ensure they’re up to speed on this legislation and can provide feedback.

•Pro-Freedom: COVID Act: Citizens Objecting to Vaccines for Individual Decisions ensuring no American can be denied employment or an education for objecting to a mask or a vaccine. Anyone who believes in individual rights and freedom will be invited to speak out against these unconstitutional mandates.

In my next email, I will introduce you to my plan to move America Forward.  Lead instead of follow.



•STOP Stop Trafficking & Organize Prosecution Act to help combat Human Trafficking.

•PROTECT Protecting Resources & Opportunities to Educate Children Today Act to strengthen Education.

-A)School Choice

-B) Stop the sexualization of our children and the normalization of pedophilia 

-C) Ensure parental rights

-D) No men in women’s sports 

-E) Right to pray in schools

          F) Fighting against woke policies both in government and in our classrooms

 G) Eliminating CRT / DEI / ESG 

H) Stop transgender normalization


•PSALM Act Protecting Sanctity of All Life Month establishing 30 days of federal recognition before Mothers Day because you cannot be a mother if you have aborted the baby

•Life begins at conception

•Back the Blue - supporting our Police/Fire Fighters  

•'Right to Try' drugs

•Support for special needs


Pro America

•MAUI Must Assist Americans Instead Act to put Americans First by prioritizing federal foreign aid to be used address domestic concerns prior to being given out abroad.


•Fighting Socialism and Godlessness.

•Make America Pray Again.

•Immigration reform.

•Energy Independence and Dominance.

•Sound foreign policy.


A) China - treat as an enemy, take our supply chains back. Void/default on the debt we owe China because of the damage they did to economy with the Corona virus.

B) No more funding for Ukraine 


•Free trade (with our allies)


Reduce Gov't spending by reducing the size of government

Budget - we need a negative budget, stop continuing resolutions, no more baseline budgeting, no more increasing the debt limit, lower taxes.



Pro Freedom - 

- 1st amendment/Big Tech - We need to rework section 230 for the Communications Decency Act and strip their protections. 

- No CBDC.

- Fight the weaponization of government.

- Equal protection under the law - open civil rights Amendment of 1964 - add political thought, speech and affiliation as protected classes.

- Re-establish a 1 tiered justice system.

- Fire everyone supervisor level and higher in the DOJ/FBI/DHS and rebuild them.

-Election Integrity - paper ballots only.

- Do not give another inch on the 2nd Amendment.

- Pro-Israel.

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