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Have you heard, wait that's a silly question because they will not cover this, but to quote @libsoftiktok "this is an actual teacher in @LewisvilleISD (Hebron HS) named Rachmad Tjachyadi. I'm told he also sometimes shows up to teach dressed in full drag and has a f*tish for wearing women's clothing. How is this acceptable?!"


The answer is NO!


On my twitter account, I have brought this to attention to our local media in the hopes that they will cover this very important story. 


Friends, I thought in a classroom several years and I know how impressionable students are. This is why the ultra left-wing ideology movement in America has targeted our youth. They want to tell them there are multiple genders, perversion is acceptable, and indoctrinate them into the progressive political system.


That is why I am the most qualified to serve as our congressman, because my background is the most diverse of any candidate. Also, I offer the strongest leadership because I WILL author bills that WILL make a difference in our community!


One of my highest priorities is putting forth the 

PROTECT Act which stands for Protecting Resources & Opportunities to Educate Children Today. It will include

school choice options for parents, fight the sexualization of our children and the normalization of pedophilia,

create parental rights, protect women’s sports, and return the right for students to pray in schools - if it's good enough for the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court, it's good enough for our kids. 


This is a fight worth fighting, and I will be a leader that you can count on. This is wrong, and we need someone who is willing to step up and bring this to the attention to our media and our community.

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