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As we get closer to Early Voting, here is a quick look as to WhyJohn should earn your vote!


I have never held political office.  Stop sending career politicians!

Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalist proven leader who will put America First!

Paramedic & Capt. of a Rescue Co. who responded to Ground Zero

Former Teacher

Current Physician Assistant and Healthcare Executive

Current President of a National Christian Organization

ProLife, Pro-Family, Pro-Freedom, Pro-America Agenda


  • I will keep my promises to the voters. What I say to get elected is what I will do when elected.

  • Conservative Votes: I will keep my promises so that my score in my first term will be a strong conservative voting record.

  • Communication: As your congressman, I will not wait until election time to have meet and greets. I will have significant town halls to get your opinion and let you know what is transpiring in D.C. at regular intervals.

  • J6 Prisoners: I will not abandon them. I will petition the President for a pardon for all citizens caught up in J6. I will visit the political prisoners and their families who are being treated the same as totalitarian regimes treat political prisoners.


Pro- Family

Will author the STOP Act: Stop Trafficking Opportunities & Prosecute: to end human trafficking across our border. John will work with Matt Osborne to put forth this legislation using his expertise as CEO of Operation Underground Railroad.

Pro- Life

Will author the PSALM Act: Protecting the Sanctity of Life Month to designate May the month recognizing Mother’s Day in greater terms, because you can’t be a mother if you abort the child. John will work with faith leaders in Congressional District 3 to get this implemented.

Pro- America

Will author the MAUI Act: Must Assist Us Instead to ensure that foreign aid is not prioritized over helping Americans in need. We have natural disasters like Maui, and internal disasters like the East Palestine environmental spill, and chronic disasters such as our veterans that are homeless and not getting the medical care they need. Funds need to go to Americans first! John will work with congressional medal of honor recipient  & endorser Michael E. Thornton and our VFW halls to generate support and encourage proper funding of our veterans.

Pro- America

Will author the PROTECT Act: Protecting Resources & Opportunities to Educate Children Today to block the US Department of Education from giving any funding to states that don't have Universal School Choice. I will conduct Town Hall meetings in the district to ensure you are up to speed on this legislation and can provide feedback.

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